Chunky Knit Blankets: 4 Tips To Get Started On This Project

Once the weather turns chilly, chunky knit blankets are some of the cosiest items you can snuggle in. These comfy creations are usually produced by knitting oversized yarns, which have perfectly bouncy and soft textures. Due to the thick yarn, chunky blankets can keep you warm without getting a suffocating or heavy feeling.

If you are looking to get your personal chunky blanket, you can either make it yourself or buy one. Though buying is undeniably simpler, putting in the effort and time to knit can be gratifying. If you opt to do it all yourself, below are a few useful tips for creating your own arm knitting blanket.

1. Choose the appropriate type of yarn

Various sorts of yarn can be utilised in arm knitting. One example is Merino wool, a luxury option that is recommended for its smooth texture and thickness. It’s also naturally insulating, breathable, and durable, making it suitable for knitting a blanket. A less expensive option is acrylic yarn, which has been designed to feel similar to wool fibres. Acrylics are also typically machine washable and ideal for knitting blankets that you can use on a regular basis. Natural, vegan wool options are widely accessible for those who like to use yarns without animal products.

No matter which yarn you pick, be sure to only buy from a trusted provider. To do so guarantees that you’ll obtain high-quality yarn for creating a strong blanket.

2. Find good arm knitting resources online

If you don’t know how to begin arm knitting, don’t panic. Since the trend is quite common, there are several wonderful blogs, communities, and tutorials available on the Internet nowadays. Lovely patterns for chunky knit blankets are also obtainable for free, letting you craft a layout that you really love. At the same time, you can also view other interesting giant knitting projects, like chunky mattresses, scarves, and rugs to obtain more ideas.

3. Think about the tools that you can use

It’s evident that your two arms and some oversized yarns are all you require for arm knitting. However, if you’re not comfortable with this, you can also use oversized needles, broomsticks or PVC pipes.

It’s also possible to produce a chunky blanket via crocheting. For this, you can purchase oversized crochet hooks or use your arms. This approach will lead to a thicker, heftier blanket but will also need more yarn.

4. Ensure you have enough yarn

Definitely, running out of yarn is the one thing you don’t want to occur when making an arm knitting blanket. Yarns are typically sold by weight. A sizable 160cm x 200cm blanket will require around 6 kilos of yarn to complete. Meanwhile, medium blankets measuring 120 to 150 square centimetres, will require 3 to 4 kilograms of chunky yarn. If you want a small 75cm x 125cm blanket for personal use, 2 kilos of yarn should be adequate.

Although arm knitting is a quite difficult activity at first, it can be extremely rewarding once you’ve mastered it. When you bear these helpful pointers in mind, getting started will be a lot easier. Continue practising your craft, and you’ll be an expert at making chunky knit blankets soon.

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